Is it that easy being an entrepreneur?

Hello human, welcome to my mind!

“Drop everything, start your own business, it’s quite easy. If you have a good idea, enough motivation, that’s all you need, buddy! Entrepreneurship is just amazing. Look at me…” We all have that type of friend, right?

Don’t lose that friend! People that show you opportunities (and music) are important.

I do agree with your friend. Entrepreneurship is amazing. And thus for many reasons. Not only, you run away from the 9 to 5 schedule. But also, you don’t have an employer on his nerves as it is his full-time job, who believes that you belong to him. Of course, not all employers are the worst -but yeah most of them are-.

And many many other privileges that gives you freedom, gives you fire, gives you reason and takes you higher.. (yep, just like a waving flag)

We do agree entrepreneurship is exciting and challenging. Every day you’ve new problems to solve, a new field to explore and a new client to deal with. If you’re a solution-oriented profile and willing to learn, you’d be enjoying this.

It’s too good to be true, don’t you think so?

At a certain time, all enterpreneurs reach a stage of schizophrenia, be motivated to move the project forward and spend the day in bed, at the same time. Being overwhelmed in a way of life as an entrepreuneur.

“Being a founder, you have to wear all the hats and burn the candle at both ends.”

I guess that building a business is somehow like a trailer of raising a baby. So, after a while, it’s perfectly legitimate to be overwhelmed and to feel the “founder blues”.

Entrepreneurs face an ongoing anxiety, a huge responsibility to keep everyone happy: employees, customers, investors.. but are they really happy?

Everyone sees them like Power Rangers disguised as young people who are, supposed to save the world and to be active and healthy every day… but are they?

The day you mention publicly you’re an entrepreneur, you’re on the target to be successful. It’s like having the lead role in a film, the society and the community you’re creating around your business, are waiting to see you winning.

But trust me human, it’s okay to fail and not being on the top of the world. Actually, I am not sure (neither you) that it was your objective, right? Somehow, all you wanted is an adventure, to try something new and do somthing better.

Zaha Hadid (a famous architect) once said: “If you want easy life, don’t be an architect”. Unfortunately, I will never have the chance to meet her and tell her “If you want easy life, don’t start your business”

Entrepreneurship is not easy, human, at all. But if you choose it, you’re already a winner and you don’t have to prove it. If you decide to be an entrepreneur, do your best to satisfy yourself first, only you! (in terms of mindset, I am not talking about business here)

Take care of yourself, physically and mentally, this is the key to success. Be healthy, be you, and -as I always say- “fail it until you make it”. For me, if there was a recipe, this would be it.

Back to your friend, follow his advice, of course, if you’re deeply deeply feeling it. But please pay attention to take the plunge surely, to have the right people to support you and be grateful to yourself in every move.

Make sure you’re ready, buddy!




30 YO / Tunisian, African / Architect / Social Entrepreneure

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Amany Hamdany

Amany Hamdany

30 YO / Tunisian, African / Architect / Social Entrepreneure

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